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  • Edited by Neumann& Beesley
  • Riverside Architectural Press
  • Softcover, 127pp, 2007
  • ISBN 978-0-9780978-2-0
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Future Wood

Innovation in Building Design and Manufacturing

“New software and digital fabrication is changing how we use wood. This book brings together international designers, manufacturers and researchers examining natural and synthetic wood technologies. Composite materials, parametric design and automated fabrication technologies are explored, illustrating new design tools, custom manufacturing and advanced assembly methods. The essays and projects in this volume demonstrate flexible, adaptable design qualities reflecting a rapidly changing society. […] Parametric modeling and digital fabrication tools enable rich formal explorations and engage complex ecologies in our surroundings. The aim is to explore how digital fabrication can contribute conceptual explorations and form-finding processes, and how new technology can influence existing design and construction practices.”

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