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  • Logan Steele, Jonas Chin, Jessica Hanzelkova, Shanne Stines, Victor Tulceanu, James Callan Wilson-Delafield.
  • Riverside Architectural Press
  • Softcover, 151pp, 2019
  • ISSN 2561-7826
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From breaking ground to breaking the box, designers love to take things apart and to play with the pieces. We rely on taxonomies and ‘rules of thumb’ to help us understand the underlying logic. Work is often judged by its ability to be systematically disseminated to other architects. We understand design through exploded diagrams and 1:1 detail models. Projects are broken down by component, by program, by typology. galt. is a student-run, peer-reviewed annual journal dedicated to publishing student work that engages with contemporary architectural discourse.

galt. is a student-run, peer-reviewed annual journal dedicated to publishing student work that engages with the contemporary architectural discourse. Curated by a collective of students from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, it brings together the voices of students at schools of architecture across Canada with those of designers, activists, professionals, and academics. For this issue, we collected a series of projects, interviews, and essays that break the boundaries of architecture and design. Inside, this theme is explored through four narratives of first diverging from established norms, re-making building processes, the infill of new ideas and the mending of broken practices. All this to question the definition of the architect, how the architect works, and what the architect does to encourage more holistic thinking about the built environment, and the environment as a whole.


Ersela Kripa, Stephen Mueller, Lancelot Coar, Katsuhiro Yamazaki, Manon Asselin, Melanie Li, Siobhan Allman, Alexandra Sermol, Teresa Tran, Dani Kastelein, Jessica Hanzelkova, Elaine Tat, Sarjana Sanam Islam, Stephanie Davidson, Georg Rafailidis, Eric Howeler, Eveline Lam, Aidan Lucas, Charline Ouellet, Alexandra Martin, Elly Cho, Ji Shi, Meghan Taylor,  Fion Fong, Brandon Lim, Severyn Romanskyy, Daniel Beg, Tianyi Huang, Mayuri Paranthahan, Nicholas Frayne, Liyang Zhang, Carolyne Ottawa, Caroline Brodeur, Omar Ferwati.

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