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  • Various Contributors
  • Riverside Architectural Press
  • Softcover, 116pp, 2013
  • ISBN 978-1-926724-26-3
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Mole Issue 1

Cute Little Things

Compaction and complexity had never bothered to talk to each other since childhood. Buried in their respective disciplines, they’ve been groomed into natural rivals. From this conflict, the two have gradually found away t reconcile their technical difficulties, and have conquered the contemporary design culture. To this effect, they have jointedly repurposed a relatively new sensibility to spearhead their agenda – cuteness. For the two, cuteness presents a design ethos that goes far beyond scalar smallness, imbuing visceral qualities of design. For its inaugural issue, Mole aims to unravel a new story of architecture and it’s changing landscapes by indulging in all things little and cute.

Contributed to by: George Baird, Igsung So, Carl Lostritto, Design With Company, David Karle, Mason White, Yurt Group, Lucas Franciszkiewics, Rosetta Sarah Elkin, Marginal Products, Dion Dekker, Interboro Partners, Mark Foster Gage, and Marcin Kedzior SsD.

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