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  • Edited by Armstrong & Ferracina
  • Riverside Architectural Press
  • Softcover& Ebook, 215pp, 2013
  • ISBN 978-1-926724-24-9
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Unconventional Computing

Methods for Adaptive Architecture

Unconventional computing: Methods for Adaptive architecture describes a new kind of architectural design. Published on the occasion of the 2013 adaptive architecture international conference organised by the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA), the book is an exploration of the emerging terrain of negotiated acts of co-design between humans, non-humans and matter where spatial programs are regarded as acts of persuasion, cooperation, and symbiosis. These acts of design are not at odds with nature but seamlessly entwined with its processes. Unconventional computing offers an architectural platform based on scientific principles of an emerging new field of computation where information and matter are coupled. Rather than being an afterthought to geometry in the design process, materials can participate directly in design solutions.

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