Living Shadows for Living Architecture Environments

by Philip Beesley, Kevan Cress, ...
Open Access PDF, 2024

Fabricate 2024

by Phil Ayres, Mette Ramsgaard T...
Hardback & Open Access PDF, 320 pp, 2024

Living Architecture Testbed

Edited by Philip Beesley, Ryan Leung & Alexandra Yeung
Open Access PDF, 2024


Edited by Philip Beesley, Timothy Boll and Kevan Cress
Open Access PDF, 2024

Ecosystem of Exploration

Edited by Philip Beesley, Adrian Chiu and Kevan Cress
Open Access PDF, 2024

Identity, Diplomacy and Design

By David Fortin
Softcover, 116pp, 2023

Printing with Biofoams

By Claudia Palcova, Edited by Ma...
Open access PDF, 72pp, 2023

Learning from Living Architecture

By Philip Beesley, Becky Carroll...
Open access PDF, 2023

Living Architecture Exploration Kits

By Philip Beesley and Michael La...
Open Access PDF, 2023

Living Testbeds

By Philip Beesley and Matt Gorbet
Open Access PDF, 2023


Edited by Philip Beesley
Open Access PDF, 2023


By Philip Beesley & Living Architecture Systems Group
Open Access PDF, 2023


By Philip Beesley, Stephen Ru an...
Open Access PDF, 2023

Star Hub Kit

Edited by Philip Beesley
Open Access PDF, 2022

Living Architecture Electronics Kit

By Rob Gorbet & Living Architect...
Open access PDF, 2022

Living Architecture Systems Description

By Kevan Cress and Timothy Boll,...
Open Access PDF, 2022

Poietic Veil

By Philip Beesley, Matt Gorbet, ...
Open Access PDF, 2022


Edited by Alice Jarry and Marie-...
Open access PDF, 46pp, 2022

New Geometric Systems: Jekabs Zvilna and Integrative Form-Languages

Edited by Philip Beesley and Bianca Weeko Martin
Open access PDF, 160pp, 2022

Second Land: Ground Veiling

Edited by Philip Beesley
Open access PDF, 34pp, 2021

galt. 04

Edited by Cao, Kaczmarczyk, Kopp...
Softcover, 154pp, 2021.

Sounding Bodies: Experiments in Sonically Active Surfaces

By Jonathan Tyrrell
Softcover, 30pp, 2021

Aluminium: Sympathetic and Powerful

By Michael Stacey
Open access PDF, 348pp, 2020

galt. 03

Edited by Titizian, Clarke-Hicks...
Softcover, 2020

Chevron Column

Edited by Philip Beesley with co...
Softcover & Open Access PDF, 13 pp, 2020

CITA Complex Modelling

Edited by Thomsen, Tamke, Nichol...
Hardcover & Open Access PDF, 427 pp, 2020

Fabricate 2020

Edited by Jane Burry, Jenny E. S...
Hardback & Open Access PDF, 320 pp, 2020

Geometry Kit: Archimedean Polyhedra

Edited by Philip Beesley
Print, 33pp, 2020

galt. 02

Logan Steele, Jonas Chin, Jessic...
Softcover, 151pp, 2019

Biopolymers for Responsive Architecture

Andrea Ling
Print, 17pp, 2019

White Papers 2019

Edited by Philip Beesley, Sascha...
Softcover, 413pp, 2019

Symposium 2019 Proceedings

Edited by Beesley and Hastings
Softcover, 155pp, 2019

Resurgence of Organicism

Edited by Sarah Bonnemaison
Paperback & Ebook, 2019

Projects Review 2018

Edited by Bordeleau
Softcover, 141pp, 2018

galt. 01

Edited by Chin, Abad, Bullough, ...

Fabricate 2017

Menges, Sheil, Glynn, & Skavara
Hardback & Open Access PDF, 303 pp, 2017

Worldmaking as Techné

Edited by Hosale, Murrani & de C...
Softcover, 433pp, 2018

White Papers

White Papers

Edited by Beesley and Roushan
Softcover, 328pp, 2016

Sentient Chamber

Edited by Armstrong, Beesley, Ellard, & Kulić
Softcover, 112pp, 2017

Drawing Futures

Edited by Allen & Caspar Pearson
Softcover, 288pp, 2016

Fabricate 2014

Edited by Fabio Gramazio, Matthi...
Open Access PDF, 2014

Twenty + Change

Edited by Heather Dubbeldam
Softcover, 95pp, 2015

CITA works

Eds. Ramsgaard Thomsen, Tamke, Ayres, Nicholas
Hardcover, 220pp, 2015


Presented by F_RMlab
Print, 2014

The Inner Studio: A Designer's Guide to the Resources of the Psyche

The Inner Studio

By Andrew Levitt
Ebook, 2015

Acadia 2014 Design Agency

Acadia 2014 Design Agency

Edited by Gerber, Huang & Sanchez
Softcover, 282pp, 2014

ACADIA 2014 Design Agency Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture

Acadia 2014 Design Agency

Edited by Gerber, Huang & Sanchez
Softcover, 742pp, 2014

Near Living Architecture: Work in Progress from the Hylozoic Ground Collaboration: 2011-2013

Near Living Architecture

Edited by Beesley
Print & EBook, 169pp, 2014

Mole Issue 1: Cute Little Things

Mole Issue 1

Various Contributors
Softcover, 116pp, 2013

For Rick Haldenby

For Rick Haldenby

Edited by van Pelt & Beesley
Softcover, 156pp, 2013

Designing Material: Materializing Design

Designing Material

By Paul Nicholas
Softcover, 114pp, 2013

Prototyping Architecture

Prototyping Architecture

Edited by Michael Stacey
Softcover, 244pp, 2013

Unconventional Computing: Methods for Adaptive Architecture

Unconventional Computing

Edited by Armstrong & Ferracina
Softcover& Ebook, 215pp, 2013

Acadia 2013 Design Agency: proceedings, exhibitions, paradigms in computing

Acadia 2013 Adaptive Architecture

Edited by Beeley, Khan, & Stacey
Softcover & Ebook, 472pp, 2013

Liminal States

Edited by McMinn & Sheppard
Softcover, 150pp, 2012

Sibyl: Projects 2010-2012

Sibyl: Projects 2010-12

By Philip Beesley
Print & Ebook, 54pp, 2012

Fabricate 2011

Edited by Glynn & Sheil
Hardcover & Open Access PDF, 260pp, 2011

Twenty + Change 03

Twenty + Change 03

Edited by Dubbeldam & Sheppard
Softcover, 130pp, 2011

55/02: A Manufactured Architecture in a Manufactured Landscape


Essays by Sharpe, Sheil, Callico...
Hardcover, 108pp, 2011

Euphoria and Dystopia: The Banff New Media Institute Dialogues, Edited by Sarah Cook and Sara Diamond

Euphoria and Dystopia

Edited by Cook & Diamond
Softcover & Ebook, 800pp, 2011


Projects Review 2010

Edited by Revington & Zepf

Hylozoic Ground: Liminal Responsive Architecture - Philip Beesley

Hylozoic Ground

Edited by Ohrstedt & Isaacs
Softcover & Ebook, 196pp, 2010

Kinetic Architectures and Geotextile Installations

Kinetic Architectures and Geotextile Installations

Edited by Beesley
Softcover & Ebook, 182pp, 2010

Twenty + Change 02

Twenty + Change 02

Edited by Dubbeldam & Sheppard
Softcover, 136pp, 2009

Twenty + Change 01

Twenty + Change 01

Edited by Dubbeldam & Sheppard
Softcover, 128pp, 2009



Edited by Poletto, Beesley, & Mo...
Softcover, 140pp, 2008


Mobile Nation

Edited Ladly & Beesley
Hardcover, 296pp, 2008

North House | Maison du Nord

North House

Eds. Thun, Beesley, Velikov, & W...
Softcover, 96pp, 2008

Maison Solaire | Solar House

Solar House

Eds. Rivard, Beesley, Rocki, & W...
Softcover, 120pp, 2008

On Growth and Form: Organic Architecture and Beyond

On Growth and Form

Edited by Beesley & Bonnemaison
Softcover, 180pp, 2008

City / Campus: 2007 ACSA Central Fall Conference

City / Campus

2007 ACSA Central Fall Conference
Softcover, 280pp, 2008


Responsive Textile Environments

Edited by Bonnemaison & Macy
Softcover, 70pp, 2007

Expanding Bodies: Art . Cities . Environment

Expanding Bodies

Edited by Lilley & Beesley
Softcover, 368pp, 2007

Future Wood: Innovation in Building Design and Manufacturing

Future Wood

Edited by Neumann& Beesley
Softcover, 127pp, 2007

Responsive Architectures: Subtle Technologies 2006

Responsive Architectures

Beesley, Hirosue, Ruxton, Trankl...
Riverside Architectural Press

Digital Fabricators

Digital Fabricators

Curated by Michael Stacey
Softcover, 96pp, 2004



Edited by Beesley, Cheng & Willi...
Softcover, 2004

Evolving Tools: Digital Fabrication in Architectural Education

Evolving Tools

Edited by Aron Temkin
Softcover, 2004

Roma: The Lesson of Rome


Edited by Haldenby & Kapusta
Softcover, 309pp, 2000